. (potthead) wrote in jonas_brothers,

Two concert tickets for sale!

I have two tickets for the Jonas Brothers concert at the Woodlands, Texas Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion. My sister and I were going to go earlier this summer, but then the concert got postponed, and we can't make it anymore. :(

The tickets are for section 108, row F, seats 22 and 23.

We're asking $108 (USD) for each ticket, and the concert date is September 11, 2010.

If you're interested in purchasing one or both of these, please e-mail me at suprocker[at]gmail[.]com. Payment would be through Paypal (though if you'd like to try some other form of payment, run it past me), and I'd have these tickets mailed out to you as soon as I have confirmation of payment.

First come, first serve.

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